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Elevating Luxury: The W London Leicester Square Experience

The W London, Leicester Square is a 192 room luxury hotel in the heart of vibrant London. A pride of the Marriott portfolio and an iconic property for the W Brand, the hotel underwent an extensive renovation throughout 2019, launching the new state of the art innovative room design synonymous with the W Brand.

The W London, Leicester Square is a 192 room luxury hotel in the heart of vibrant London. A pride of the Marriott portfolio and an iconic property for the W Brand, the hotel underwent an extensive renovation throughout 2019, launching the new state of the art innovative room design synonymous with the W Brand.

Staying true to the brand’s ethos for boldness and innovation, the W Brand Team reached out to DigiValet and commissioned a custom solution that would stay true to its vibrancy in innovation, while providing a state-of-the-art industry first experience tying in one the brands biggest passion points – music.

DigiValet implemented an industry-first custom solution that engaged the guest from the point of arrival, all the way through departure. The resultant solution allowed for a real-time in room welcome scene with full RGB lighting and preset music based on the mood of the arriving guest which is determined at the time of check in by the Front Desk Agent. Additionally, DigiValet worked with The W Music Service to integrate the W’s music playlist onto the app’s home screen, accessible through an interactive mood pad. The experience allows a guest to interact through multiple genres of music with the slide of their finger on the mood-pad. To date, 42% of guests have utilized this feature with positive feedback. In addition, a “now Playing” feature allows guests to listen to what’s currently playing in the hotel lobby – a feature used by 41% of guests.

Full room automation elevates the guest room experience, allowing the guest to manipulate and control the in-room lighting, thermostat, and curtains. A full entertainment solution rounds out the system, inclusive of Netflix, YouTube, personal Guest Streaming, and more. In addition to the in room functionality, integrations into the Food and Beverage platform allows for In- Room Dining ordering directly through the iPad.

Through this integration, the property has seen roughly £24k in revenue, and a 22% increase in orders. DigiValet worked extremely close with the W Brand team throughout the development to ensure that the custom solution was completely on-brand, and exceeded the expectations of the Brand.

The Experiences

W Leicester Square Room Arrival Experience

An integration into the property’s PMS and mobile app allows for a unique first-of-it’s-kind arrival experience, perfect for the W Brand. The Front Desk Agent will assess the guest’s mood throughout the check-in interaction, and can trigger a number of different preset welcome scenes specific to that mood, inclusive of full RGB lighting and music. More energetic guests will arrive to a vibrant colored room with energetic music, while more relaxed guests will find warmer tones of blues and greens, with more relaxing music, all pulled directly from the W Music Service playlist.

Guest Room Entertainment Experience

With an integration into the iLight in-room Guest Room Management System, the guest can successfully change the lighting and thermostat to their liking throughout their stay by selecting each light manually, or choosing from a variety of preset moods located in Room Controls tab within the app.

Food and Beverage Experience

With a fully interactive Food and Beverage experience, guests have the ability to view dynamic menu options, gain information on property restaurants, and place.

In-Room Dining orders directly through within the app. A full range of customizations and specifications are available throughout the order process to address allergies, preferences, and a variety of other requests.

Suite Experience

With full integration into W’s live music, eWOW suite guests have full access to what’s playing in real time from the W Bar and DJ Station downstairs. Guest’s can replicate the lounge experience in their room, fully equipped with a spinning sofa. For W Screening Suites, an integration into the RGB lighting allows the ambient lighting in the suite to change in full color based on the audio of the movie the guest is watching on the television

What's On At W Experience

For guests that love to stay in “the know”, the WHATS ON tab provides a list of upcoming events for the property, along with full video – all controlled in real-time at the property level.

W Music Experience

DigiValet worked closely with W Music Service and the W Brand team to integrate a unique music platform into the W app experience. Through this integration, a mood-pad enables the guest to browse music taken directly from the W playlist with the swipe of their finger. As you move your finger through the mood-pad, colors shift through a variety of dynamic and vibrant color gradients, leaving a ripple effect behind as you toggle between music genres and songs.

Guests can switch between beautiful blues and purples, greens and yellows, or reds and orange gradients based on their mood – with more relaxing vibes allocated to specific touchpoints within the blues and purples, all the way to energetic tracks found in red and orange gradients. A truly interactive experience for the W guest.

W What's On

The W What's On tab gives guests an interactive view of hotel happenings, social media interactions, brand videos, and more – keeping the guest always in the know.


With the adoption of the DigiValet solution into the newly renovated guest rooms, the W Leicester Square was successfully able to increase guest interaction, increase Guest Experience scores, and increase overall F&B In-Room Dining revenue.

Since the installation, the property has seen usage rates of 80% property-wide for the overall DigiValet iPad app, with an added revenue of £24k – roughly gaining £4.89 per occupied room. The integration with Micros Simphony has led to an increase of 22% in In Room Dining orders.

DigiValet’s intuitive upsell option has increased the average items per order to 2, showing multiple items per order and adding to the overall revenue gain from the DigiValet solution.

With the new product fresh off of the renovation, DigiValet was able to successfully implement a custom branded solution that not only complimented the design forward music-based brand, but also provided a number of industry firsts, allowing the W to continue their drive and passion for innovation.

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