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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Explore Our Hospital Smart Room

Turn what is often a scary time for patients into a relaxing and comfortable hospital stay, with improved safety, well-timed support and educational content about their condition. All while improving the way your medical and support teams work.

patient care

With access to the right content at the right time from their in-room iPad, your patients will feel completely at ease from admission to discharge.

A man lying on a gym mat with one leg raised upwardsEducational videos on a knee replacement procedure and how rehab helps patients get back on their feet.A survey with the question "Do you understand your condition better now since receiving your education today?"

Educational health content

Patients can access videos, tutorials and reading material about their medical condition, which explains things in a simple way.

Electronic Health Record intregration

A dashboard shows patients their daily activities, upcoming tests, lab results, vital statistics and any exercises they need to perform.

A schedule of Mr. Jackson's surgery dayA video with the title "An Inside Look at Minimally Invasive Replacement"A middle aged female doctor gazing intently at an old woman dressed in a striped shirt and seated on a wheelchair
A video of a skeleton of a human hand and forearm

Patient recovery journey

Empower patients to play an active role in their recovery, with information about their treatment and prognosis.

Transparent discharge checklists

Show patients that your care doesn’t end when they leave, by providing exercise guidance and suggestions for further therapy or treatment.

A hospital discharge checklist, which lists certain milestones patients must hit before being cleared to leave the hospital. A discharge checklist with a button called "Discharge Now"

A hotel experience, for healthcare

Put your patients in complete control during their hospital stay, with an iPad, mobile app, or voice interaction taking care of their every need.

An iPad where one can see the attending doctor and nurse, as well as request for water, medication, and cleaning services

One-touch assistance

Call a nurse, ask for pain medication or even a glass of water.
An iPad showcasing a mystery thriller movie called Gone Girl


Access live TV and streaming services, just like in a 5-star hotel.
An app that lets you purchase items from the hospital, all from an iPad


Choose from toiletries, gifts, medical equipment and more.
A kid-friendly version of a hospital room iPad. Patients can call the nurse, ask for water and medication, and request for cleaning services.


Switch to the simpler, more colourful interface for little ones.
Temperature and fan controlsRoom controls that let people brighten and dim lights

Intuitive room controls

Instead of relying on your staff, patients can stay comfortable by adjusting the lighting, blinds and temperature in their room without leaving their bed.

Gourmet meal ordering

Gone are the days of pre-ordering hospital food from a paper menu the day before. Patients can now order what they’re hungry for, when they want it, on the app.

Spaghetti with shrimp, squid, and tomato sauceLamb, tomato, and zucchini kebab.

Good for your patients, staff and business

An icon of a medal with a heart at the center of the crest

Happier patients

Improving their hospital experience will put you top of their list in future.
Nurse icon

Less-stressed staff

Triaging patient requests removes the burden on your teams.
Brain icon

Patient education

Improving peace of mind while reducing the need for staff.
Credit card and money bag icon

Downstream revenue

Cross-selling retail and health packages boosts your bottom line.

200+ integrations for
stronger patient relationships

End-to-end integrations with industry-leading tech brands means there are no re-directions to other apps or websites. So you’ll increase brand awareness, build patient loyalty, and keep generating revenues within the one system.

Together, let's create the next generation of patient care

In-room tablet app
Patient meal ordering
Content management system
Analytics and insights
Nurse app
A nurse and doctor discussing medical exam results
hospital solutions
In-room tablet app
Patient meal ordering
Content management system
Analytics and insights
Nurse app

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