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Why Choose DigiValet for Hospitality Technology Solutions

We’re not just experts in technology. We’re full of creative ideas too. So whatever challenges you’re facing, or wherever your imagination is taking you, we’ll help you bring your brand promise to life. Just like we did for these iconic brands.

Mood-based Playlist and Room Lighting

W Hotel, London

Tying into the W Hotel’s musical passion point, we integrated their W Music Service and mood lighting system with DigiValet so that the front desk could gauge how the guest is feeling on check in, and trigger appropriate welcome scenes to match their mood. Guests could also use an interactive mood pad during their stay, allowing them to choose different music genres and RGB lighting with a slide of their finger.

Multi-Sensory Retreat for Honeymooners

Paris j'Adore Hotel & Spa

Transforming the hotel into an ultra-romantic hideaway began with a first-class welcome experience, with a pre-filled bathtub and a soothing aromas in the room. Guests control the bathtub temperature on their in-room iPad, along with a wider choice of fragrances throughout their stay. And with fully loaded entertainment on the TV, plus interactive food and drinks menus, there’s no reason to leave.

Seamless App Payments

Winthrop Center, Boston

For the tenants of their world-first global Class A building, Winthrop wanted an all-encompassing app to access and pay for all services and amenities. We helped them choose compatible partners for this smart ecosystem, and designed the industry’s first super app, which could be used for opening doors, booking fitness sessions, scheduling pet walking services and more, all within one payment system.

Tailored Pre-Arrival Experience

Bvlgari, Paris

To improve the guest check-in experience, and make it a much more personalised process, we installed the DigiValet Front Office. This integrated with the hotel’s Property Management System, allowing staff to email guests before their arrival, invite them to perform their check-in formalities beforehand, and also capture their preferences so the hotel team could make sure every request was taken care of.

Retro-Fitting Digital Transformations


To make their technology-sparse resort appeal to a younger demographic, we developed Amanpuri’s first ever room controls. This involved a total redesign of their digital ecosystem, so guests could control their TV, bathroom, lighting and temperature controls from an iPad. It also opened up the resort’s dining, retail and wellness options, with food menus, products and spa programs all within one app.

Multi-Zone Music

To create an immersive and hassle-free sound experience through the hotel’s existing audio system, we built a multi-zone audio control system into DigiValet’s in-room controls. A unique integration around the hotel’s audio technology allowed guests to choose different tracks and volume levels for each room, from relaxing tunes in the bathroom to more upbeat songs in the suite.