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Elevate Experiences: DigiValet's Destination Solutions

The age of the experience is upon us. People are now seeking brands that can provide ultra-convenience, personalised services and emotional wellbeing. And with DigiValet, that’s exactly what you can give them.

A young couple posing in front of a vintage car and mansion.
A neo-classical hotel lobby, with Greek pillars, dark brown wooden balconies, and a chandelier at the center


Personalise and automate almost every touchpoint of a guest’s stay at your hotel, from their arrival and in-room experience, to dining, wellness and other amenities. It’s what magical hotel, cruise and casino experiences are made of.


Turn what is often a scary time for patients into a relaxing and comfortable hospital stay, with improved safety, well-timed support and educational content about their condition. All while improving the way your medical and support teams work.

A doctor and nurse talking as they walk through a bridge inside the hospital
A living room with an outdoor terrace and swimming pool


Elevate the status of your branded residence with the same guest hospitality platform used by the world’s most iconic hotels. All integrated with your internal booking systems, with support for external service providers, seamless payments, upselling and more.


Bring an unparalleled new revenue model to your mixed-use development by connecting your residents, tenants, visitors and partners on one digital platform. So everything that happens in your destination is managed and consumed through a single app.

An aerial view of a private island, decorated with lush foliage, yachts, and white buildings

Luxury is an
not an exception

A reddish-pink hotel room with twin beds
A queen sized bed, coffee table, and two couches. Walls are lined with vibrant purple lights
A beige-colored bedroom with a king-sized bed, fireplace, and coffee table
A dining table decorated with chinaware, champagne glasses, and a vase of flowers. Beside the table are ceiling high windows that boasts a view of residences in French-style architecture
A bedroom with a queen sized bed, study table, and orange couch.
Four earth-toned couches surrounding a table with a chess set
A white queen-sized bed overlooking the swimming pool and sea