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Unlock Luxury: DigiValet's Smart App for Dream Destinations

Bring an unparalleled new revenue model to your mixed-use development by connecting your residents, tenants, visitors and partners on one digital platform. So everything that happens in your destination is managed and consumed through a single app.

It's your brand's own Super App

Entertainment & leisure
Health & nutrition
Medical & care
Spa & fitness
Hospitality services
Trends & insights

It’s your brand’s
own Super App

Bring your services, amenities and commercial partner together. So everything can be accessed on one app, and you can generate revenue across your destination.

  • Entertainment & Events 
  • Food & Beverage
  • Leisure & Wellness
  • Hospitality
  • Workplaces
  • Retail
  • Card Services
  • Payments
  • Loyalty
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A lifestyle like no other

Put everything your destination has to offer in the palm of your residents’ hands. So they can seamlessly operate smart home controls, book activities, shop with your retail partners and more, without having to log into twenty separate apps.

A mobile app showing upcoming events, such as the AFC Asian Cup Finals between Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan

Live event tickets

Display a list of upcoming events and available tickets.
A mobile app showing loyalty points one has earned and how many more points one must obtain to be upgraded to Gold Tier

Loyalty and rewards

Show special offers and encourage repeat purchases.
A mobile app showing directions to the parking space


Offer a straightforward and interactive way to access points of interest at the destination.
A mobile app that lets one order food for the event

On-demand delivery

Open up the menus of all your dining outlets, for delivery anywhere.
A team of 5 people working together. A lady and a man are shaking hands.A lady typing on her laptop. A cup of coffee and salmon sandwich are placed beside the laptop.

Inspiring workspaces

Create a next-generation business environment, with smart check in to co-working spaces and meeting room bookings. Connect your amenities too, so people can order food to their desks, access ironing services for their formalwear, and more.

  • Book available meeting rooms with one tap
  • Check into workspaces with facial recognition
  • Work on fitness too, at the on-site gym

Unforgettable visitor experiences

Whatever the philosophy of your destination, you can build itineraries around activities and excursions, which guide your visitors from pre-check in, to the events themselves, plus personalised shopping experiences, all within the one app.

  • Wellness retreats with equipment available
  • Art and culture trips with souvenirs on offer
  • Sightseeing excursions with dining and activities
An iPad with an itineraryA mobile app showing the rewards one has earned
A woman in an ethnic dress holding a strand of her black hair
A woman standing atop a rock, looking at the pyramid
A traveler holding a leashed camel as he explores the desert sand dunes
Man and woman looking at the glasses of champagne they held in their handsMan and woman window shopping

Integrate with retail partners

Unlock revenue opportunities by earning commission on all retail and restaurant sales through the app. Residents can access food menus, product ranges and partnership programs. And you can push promotional messages to encourage them to spend.  

Connect to recreation partners

Give residents access to all your destination’s amenities, so they can book anything from sports pitches and cinema tickets to special one-off events organised by your third-party vendors. Without ever leaving your branded app.

A woman with a black scarf covering her face sit on top of a camel. Four pyramids line the backgroundFour people riding an all-terrain vehicle as they explore the desert.

Grow your destination

Credit card and money bag icon

Boost revenue

Personalised services and amenities drive incremental revenue through your partners.
An icon of a medal with a heart at the center of the crest

Build loyalty

A seamless experience within one simple app shows residents and visitors that you care.
Magic wand icon

Be distinctive

Your enhanced offering can command premium pricing and set you apart from other destinations.
Analytics and graphs icon

Keep improving

Behavioural analytics and operational insights can help you evolve your business model.

All of your systems.
All connected.

Linking all your service providers within DigiValet means your entire destination can be managed within the one app. With all third-party tech brands connected, it’s effortless for your staff and there’s no confusion for your residents.

Together, let's create the next generation of destinations

DigiValet for Living
DigiValet for Hospitality
Meeting room solution
Identity management
Frictionless check-in
destinations solutions
DigiValet for Living
DigiValet for Hospitality
Meeting room solution
Identity management
Frictionless check-in
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