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Building One Stop App for Residents, Tenants & Partners

Winthrop Center, a global energy efficiency benchmark, hosts Deloitte's cutting-edge workspace, seamlessly blending sustainability, technology, and employee amenities. As a premier Passive House office project, it exceeds LEED Platinum standards, offering unparalleled thermal comfort that enhances cognitive abilities and productivity. This 691-foot tower in Boston's commercial real estate landscape outshines Class A buildings, using 150 percent less energy. Its success is evident through major leases, including Deloitte's expansive 138,000 square feet, alongside tenants like Cambridge Associates and McKinsey.

About Winthrop Centre:

Nestled in the heart of Boston's bustling financial district, Winthrop Centre stands as a beacon of innovation and sophistication, masterfully crafted by Millennium Partners.  The Residences within Winthrop Centre offer an unparalleled lifestyle, boasting amenities such as the state-of-the-art FLX Studio, an exclusive Club VIP catering to pets, collaborative co-working areas, sprawling outdoor terraces, and curated dining experiences  by renowned Chef Fraser. The Offices at Winthrop Centre, a collaborative effort with esteemed MIT professors, proudly holds the title of the world's largest Passive House building, setting the gold standard for global Class A office accommodations. Central to Winthrop Centre's allure is the Connector, a dynamic nexus facilitating a constant exchange of ideas through a diverse array of events, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere seven days a week. With its innovative design and unparalleled amenities, Winthrop Centre stands as a remarkable urban landmark, reshaping the cityscape and setting a new standard for modern living.

Millennium Partner’s Vision:

Millennium Partners emphasized the importance of streamlining resident access to various services without the need for multiple app downloads. They recognized the inconvenience and potential low usage associated with this approach, as well as the fragmentation of resident data across third-party systems, hindering a comprehensive understanding of resident profiles and preferences. Additionally, they aimed to maintain control over building operations and continue providing lifestyle services to residents, envisioning a digital platform that not only facilitates service access but also generates sustainable revenue streams. Furthermore, Millennium Partners sought insights into resident behaviours, including reasons for lease non-renewals and preferences for amenities, to inform data-driven decisions such as expanding high-demand hospitality services at Winthrop Center.

Key Principles of the Solution:

Digivalet ideated a unique white-labeled super app for Winthrop, leveraging its Sensonic platform, guided by the following core principles:

Provide a delightful experience, not just a convenience: Building an effective system is more than just creating it and leaving it as is. It's making sure the system fits seamlessly into the residents' lifestyle and providing an app that consistently brings its users joy, surprise, and inspiration.

Build brand loyalty through resident analytics: By understanding the needs of residents and customizing services to meet those needs, it is possible to increase repeat usage of the app and turn residents into loyal brand advocates.

Implement a super app concept: Connect residents, tenants, visitors, and partners on on super app, so that everything, from ordering meals to making purchases, can be integrated in one place.

Champion resident-centricity by design: When designing products, it's important to keep the needs and convenience of residents in mind. Every aspect of the product should be designed to make life easier for residents.

Use smart technology to improve resident engagement: Understanding residents, taking their preferences into account, and continuously adapting to their lifestyle is what the solution aims to achieve.

Highlights of the Solution:

Access control systems:

The tailor-made technology stack for Winthrop Center includes industry-first fully integrated access control features, enabling residents to access the building, call elevators, and unlock apartment doors via mobile keys without physical fobs. 

Parking management systems:

Residents can request valet services to bring their cars to the driveway at specified times, receiving notifications upon arrival.

Amenity management systems:

The Club provides a 56,000 sq ft haven with outdoor terraces, a 75 ft pool, and top-notch fitness facilities. Residents can effortlessly book amenities ensuring a stress-free and pre-scheduled recreation experience.

Food & beverage services:

Winthrop Center boasts six restaurants and a catering kitchen overseen by Michelin-starred chef John Fraser. The app enables residents to pre-order and have personalised, allergen-conscious meals delivered to their residences promptly.

Curated services such as Pet Care and Car Wash:

Residents and office employees can book third-party services with one-click payments through the app. Service providers gain access to their own dashboard to manage requests, creating a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved.

Social event calendar:

Millennium Partners' flagship initiative, La Vie, nurtures resident connections through a diverse array of exclusive events spanning food, fitness, travel, art, and culture. From invigorating dance classes to thought-provoking fireside chats, La Vie brings the best of Boston directly to residents. The social event calendar, accessible to all residents, ensures regular updates and keeps everyone informed about the vibrant activities taking place at the bustling centre.


The integration of Digivalet's Sensonic platform into Winthrop Centre exemplifies a transformative approach to modern urban living. By prioritizing resident satisfaction, seamless access to services, and data-driven decision-making, Millennium Partners has set a new standard for luxury, convenience, and community engagement. With its innovative design, unparalleled amenities, and commitment to resident-centricity, WinthropCentre stands as a beacon of urban innovation, reshaping the landscape of modern living in Boston's bustling financial district.

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