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DigiValet for Wellness

With profound dedication to promoting wellness and health, we have redefined the guest experience by seamlessly integrating advanced digital solutions with the timeless values of health and wellbeing. Where the best of innovation, hospitality and health come together, get ready to embark on a journey where each interaction is imbued with the choicest selections, keeping in mind the best for your mind, body, and soul.

Fostering Green Consciousness

Even the most environmentally inclined and conscious guests sin on their hotel stays. The daily linen changes, towel changes, perpetually on air conditioners, piled bins with plastic bottles, bother the conscious mind. Not anymore! Now your guests could opt for refillable pitchers and choose when they want their linen changed. With our Eco Mode feature, guests can consciously control their carbon footprint, even on the go!

Wellness Lighting and Temperature : Look and Feel thats Good for you!

Staying in the lap of indoor luxury while being able to enjoy the imitation of existence—soft bright lights for early mornings, radiant setups for focus, or a calm ambiance for restfulness, we bring you an array of options inspired by Nature that help your guests align with their true best. The circadian rhythm is influenced by environmental cues such as light and temperature and plays a crucial role in determining when one feels awake or sleepy. With DigiValet, it is easy to control environmental cues.

Dreamscape and Sleep Pattern

Let your guests embark on a sensory journey like no other, where lights, melodies and fragrances whisk them away to a realm of tranquility. Enveloped in the embrace of blackout curtains, your guests will be transported to a world of serenity and bliss. But the magic doesn't end there—empower them to craft their mornings with a personalised blend of sunrise hues and nature melodies, making each morning renewing and revitalising.

Thoughtful Bubble Baths And Smart Showers

Tailored for wellness retreats, enriching mornings and wellness initiatives with this amenity, your iPad brims your bath tub, according to you. Allows guests to personalise the temperature and depth for solitary indulgence.

Fitness On-Demand-On-the-Go

Give your guests the luxury of choosing from a collection of curated fitness videos. If they need exercise mats, weights and bands—we let them choose, it on their iPads, too!

Wholesome Gourmet Experience

Let your guests navigate their way through menu filters and past stays’ saved faves, all the way to see pictures of what they’re going to eat with its nutrition, caloric composition and description. They can choose from specially put together meals based on their fitness goals.

In and Out of Property experiences : Things to do.

Minimise the hassles of blaring concierge calls while letting your guests scroll through a list of options in and out of the property, allowing them to enrol in club programs, or booking themselves in for a morning group hike.

Schedules and Wellness Itinerary

Get your wellness experts to chalk out the most appropriate daily plans for your guests and let them access it on their whims! Allow them to go back and check their remaining itinerary for the day, remember their targets and stay on track. Help them set reminders and targets, to nudge their capabilities of pushing their way to the goal. Upcoming event notifications, changes of schedule, latest reservations— everything can be tracked down to real time.

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