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Case Study

The Grandeur of Streamlining a Celeb Studded, Multi-Property Operation

Five top notch properties played host to a massively grande Pre Wedding extravaganza by one of the richest families of the world. Everything was fine tuned to set the stage for a never-seen-before celebration— And the guests—the who’s who of the world, from tech giants to industrialists, from movie stars to politicians, all the glitter of the world that the senses could imagine.

Through the three day celebrations, a tight rope of events, luncheons and suppers, hundreds of guests were managed in their own whimsical manners— some at the spa, some at the designers trying their outfits, some wanting a property tour! One can think of the most exquisite plans and itineraries on board. But, how does one execute all the fantasy like wishes, almost as if one would need to invoke a genie for these wishes. Or DigiValet! To open some secrets to you, managing a multi-property event as one, across brands, varied rulebooks and SOPs, is a gigantic task.

The Benchmark has been set!

5 different properties.

300+ rooms.

1000+ service requests.

2000+ dining orders.

200+ wellness requests

From a flurry of check ins starting a day before the event, to customised food orders and to spa appointments, across properties, across three days— everything with DigiValet, no traditional PMS involved

An Overview of what it was.

Having successfully managed many prominent hotels, resorts, residential properties via our systems, putting together an event was a fresh challenge. Specially one having a plethora of services, layers of entertainment, delicateness of the implications of hosting such VIPs. Consequently the DigiValet system controlled everything, as it does. Coordinating multi property operations via a single dashboard—integrating many systems and operational patterns from different companies, all into its own system, for the users’ ease—everything on a single iPad, according to each hospitality brands’ own SOPs.

Equipped with the innovative DigiValet iPad solution, each room became a haven of convenience. From lighting and automation controls to F&B ordering and wellness services, guests enjoyed a big spectrum of amenities at their fingertips. The DigiValet dashboard streamlined operations— where butlers serving particular sections of rooms would only receive request to be catered within their area of service and not floors or rooms they were not in charge of. Facilitating check-ins, request handling to even customised details, and event communications without conventional Property Management Systems. With enhanced features like event itinerary displays being updated for each section of the day and the ever changing, special menus that were curated for each of those events, the system ensured efficient navigation and quick service placements.

The Challenge at hand.

We have the capacity to integrate numerous systems into the DigiValet platform, which makes it very convenient for the teams to work in their own styles and choices.

Amidst the flurry of requests and orders, a major goal to achieve was getting the right requests to the right section of butlers. In order to make sure, no requests went unattended, it was crucial to make sure that the butlers promptly received their requests, only for the area they were assigned.

All the five hospitality properties were readied to launch for this mega pre wedding event— as a result of which, by the time they were up and operational, it was almost the week leading to the gala event. All the operational teams had just moved in a week prior! To ensure that the systems were installed flawlessly and that the teams were trained to use the technological brilliance that DigiValet had, to ease their operational cues was a short timeline process. All while the pressure of execution on time was bubbling.

Adherence to different SOPs, logistic challenges with constantly on-the-go butlers, were actual pitfalls to watch out for. Their teams frequently made operational changes, leading to adjustments in DigiValet system's house rules since all operations were managed through one platform. They became adept at updating the menu regularly and ensuring it was live as needed.

In depth perception.

Utilising a three-tier monitoring and escalation approach via DigiValet, efficient management of guest requests was ensured, involving Butlers, Guest Service Desks, and Managers and Supervisors, in the same order of hierarchy. Each layer ensuring that the subordinate layer successfully receives and complies to the tasks given. The butlers and management teams, on the other hand were equipped by the portal’s app on their mobile devices enabling swift responses to guest requests, even on the go. The operations team on the go could view targeted requests and add request on behalf on guests.

At the end.

Bridging the gap between guest requests and deliveries, DigiValet smoothened the complex tasks of hospitality operations. Showcasing technical brilliance and versatility to adjust to dynamic situations, DigiValet faired with not a single request missed!

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