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Case Study

Unveiling Luxury: The Paris J'Adore Hotel and Spa Experience

Paris j’Adore is a boutique hotel in the heart of the City of Love. Staying staunch to the hotel’s ethos for hedonism, the hotel reached out to DigiValet. The owner, a passionate hotelier, considered every pain point in the hotel stay and worked to eliminate it with either technology or the ultimate in luxury, which required complex integrations with multiple systems installed in the room. Entrusting DigiValet with the responsibility, it was mandated to design an iPad based guest room solution that creates a seamless experience.

The Experience

Paris j'Adore Arrival

An integration with the property’s PMS allows for in-a-class-by-itself arrival experience, perfect for Paris j’Adore hotel. The Front Desk Associate, can setup a personalized bath experience for the guest prior to their arrival with a pre-filled bathtub, along with a soothing fragrance in the room.

With a full integration into Moodo & Dornbracht, the guest can change the fragrance in the room to their desire by selecting from a variety of preset fragrances and can also change the bathtub settings throughout their stay from the Room Controls tab within the app.

Bath Experience

The Bathtub button gives the guest two options for filling the tub – for one person or two people – allowing the guest to make his decision and also giving the guest an option to set the temperature of water in the tub. The drain closes electronically, water flows at the right temperature.

When the bath is ready, a message appears on the in-room television screen to let the guest know.

Guest can also put the bathtub in a mode where the temperature of water can be maintained according to the preferred temperature.

Aroma Experience

DigiValet worked closely with Moodo service to integrate a unique experience. Through this integration, a mood-pad enables the guest to browse fragrances by dragging the icon of the fragrance with their finger.

Guests can switch between different fragrances based on their preference.

Other Experiences

The Entertainment is fully loaded with Live TV and next generation streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime. With an interactive Food and Beverage experience, guests have the ability to view menus, and gain information on property restaurant.


With the adoption of DigiValet solution into the newly constructed guest rooms, Paris j’Adore is offering a unique experience to the guests. Automated bathtubs, bedside temperature controls, swings and even a diffuser control are just a few things that set Paris j’adore apart.

DigiValet was able to successfully implement a custom branded solution that not only fulfills the hotel’s expectations, but also provided a number of industry firsts, allowing Paris j’Adore to continue their drive to create a unique hospitality experience.

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