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Case Study

Revolutionizing Patient Experience in the Middle East: A DigiValet Success Story

Revolutionizing patient care in the Middle East, a premier hospital partners with DigiValet, integrating advanced technology to enhance comfort and streamline operations. From personalized room controls to streamlined meal ordering, DigiValet's solutions elevate patient satisfaction and set a new standard in healthcare innovation. Through a commitment to empathy and innovation, this collaboration not only improves clinical outcomes but also serves as a model for healthcare institutions worldwide, ushering in a new era of patient-centered care.

In the realm of healthcare, the integration of technology and an elevated patient experience stands as a critical cornerstone for exemplary patient care. Recognising this, a pioneering brand in the Middle East embarked on a mission to establish a hospital that would transcend traditional healthcare paradigms, setting a new benchmark in providing hospitality-level patient care.

The Vision

Part of a prestigious health system, the new Dubai location was envisioned from beginning to become a benchmark for healthcare in the Middle East. Leadership aimed to blend state-of-the-art technology with the principles of hospitality to redefine patient care, treating patients with the attentiveness and personalized services typically reserved for the hotel guests. The key focus was on improving the experience of the patient through the whole journey and giving them opportunity to provide continuous feedback for continuous evolution.

To infuse that hospitality excellence, the leadership team immersed themselves in the experience by staying at various hotels, seeking inspiration from hotel industry to enhance the patient experience.

DigiValet's Patient Experience Solution

In response, DigiValet developed a suite of customized solutions, beginning with a thorough analysis of the hospital's needs and patient care goals. The strategy proposed by DigiValet encompassed a comprehensive approach to improving patient comfort, streamlining hospital operations, and delivering personalized care at an never done before level.

DigiValet's patient experience platform stands at the forefront of innovation, transforming bedside tablets into comprehensive control centres. This pioneering technology empowers patients to personalize their room's ambience, access entertainment choices and call for their preferred meal from the bedside. The user-friendly interface adapts dynamically, changing theme and style to accommodate the unique needs of diverse patient demographics, ensuring accessibility for the elderly and children alike.

Room Automation

DigiValet's signature room automation platform is employed to empower patients to independently manage their room's temperature, curtains and light moods. This innovation reduces the need for continuous staff assistance, fostering a sense of control and improving the patient experience in hospital settings.

Patient Meal Ordering

The traditional meal ordering system at the hospital was labour-intensive, requiring housekeeping to distribute and collect menus, dietitians to manually review each order against dietary restrictions, and kitchen staff to create production sheets by hand. Additionally, the delivery team often faced confusion when verifying and delivering orders, especially to patients with the same names.

DigiValet's innovative solution streamlined these processes with remarkable efficiency. Dietitians can now design and adjust diet-specific menus with ease, while nurses are equipped to monitor and place orders for patients as needed. The system intelligently differentiates orders that require dietitian approval from those that can go straight to the kitchen, significantly speeding up preparation times. Automated kitchen order tickets and display systems have enhanced kitchen efficiency, and a smart delivery app ensures accurate meal delivery, eliminating previous confusion and errors.

Hospitality Services

DigiValet streamlined patient service requests, replacing a time-consuming process where patients had to call a nurse for every need. Now, patients input requests directly, saving time and minimizing nurse trips. The simplified process empowers patients and optimizes nurses' workflow, focusing on critical care tasks. DigiValet's solution showcases digital innovation's impact on enhancing patient satisfaction and operational efficiency in healthcare settings.


DigiValet brought in hotel grade entertainment to patient rooms, introducing a diverse range of features, high quality TV channel content, movies, streaming services and casting.This enhanced platform prioritizes patient engagement and uplifts patient's mood. Patients seamlessly transitioned from TV content to their favourite web series, resuming right where they left off. The added convenience of exploring additional features on the iPad while the TV continues playing ensured a dynamic and immersive entertainment experience.

Retail Convenience

Recognizing the unique needs of patients and visitors, DigiValet integrated hospital's boutique and gift shops , enabling the purchase of gifts, flowers, and personal care items . This feature not only provided convenience to the patient and family but also boosted the revenue for hospital.

Personalised Care

In order to make nurse-patient interaction more meaningful DigiValet created a patient experience monitor. This monitor gives a quick snapshot if patient has had the meal, if he has any housekeeping request due for long or if he had reported not to be in good mood. It also enable nurses to suggest patient to watch any content, conduct a quick mood check , or simply ask the patient "how are you feeling today".

Impact and Outcomes

The introduction of DigiValet's technologies marked a significant leap forward in patient care, with patients expressing high satisfaction with the new found control and comfort during their stay. The hospital not only saw an improvement in patient satisfaction scores but also established itself as a leader in innovative patient care.

“She has been showing me the sophistication of the hospital's facilities with great enthusiasm. She's delighted by her ability to control everything in her room, including the lights, air conditioning, temperature, curtains, and entertainment system, all enabled by hospital automation. I'm sharing this video to express my deep gratitude to the Hospital and to emphasize the importance of equipping children and young adults with such advanced tools, particularly during challenging times when they need them the most.”

- Hikmat Beaini, Father of a Patient at the Hospital in Dubai

Conclusion: Setting a New Standard in Healthcare

The collaboration between the hospital and DigiValet has not only elevated standards in patient care but has also fostered a more empathetic relationship between patients and the care team. The implementation of tools that empower the team to understand patient needs has significantly contributed to this positive shift. Through a commitment to prioritizing patient comfort and engagement, the hospital has not only improved clinical outcomes but has also underscored the crucial role of innovation in healthcare. This case study serves as a model for other healthcare institutions aspiring to enhance patient care through technological advancement, marking the dawn of a new era in the healthcare industry.


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