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Case Study

Luxury Residences: Three Sixty West Mumbai

Three Sixty West sets a new benchmark for upscale urban living, fostering a vibrant and interconnected community within Mumbai's bustling landscape.. At the Three Sixty West lies the Exclusive Residents Club, known as Club 360, spanning an impressive 80,000 sq. ft. This is reserved solely for residents and hosts one of its kind fitness, sports, and lifestyle amenities in Mumbai's residential landscape. With its two-level layout, this club has zones for sports, fitness, children's activities, adventure, lounging, and relaxation, catering to diverse resident preferences.


The vision for Three Sixty West Residences was to create an unparalleled lifestyle experience in Mumbai, centered around exceptional amenities and a strong sense of community. The priority was offering a private and discreet environment, coupled with 5-star services provided by the prestigious Ritz Carlton hotel. The goal was to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, fostering leisure, recreation, and high-quality living for all residents.

Implementation of the DigiValet Resident Experience

To realize their vision, Three Sixty West leveraged the capabilities of the DigiValet Sensonic Platform. This innovative platform formed the backbone of their customized app tailored for residents. Additionally, it enhanced the in-room experience through iPads, providing control over automation, entertainment, in-room dining, and facilitating service requests for the hotel team. Notably, the integration of the DigiValet Silicon Platform bridged the gap between the residential and hotel towers, granting residents access to select hotel services. This seamless integration simplified promotions, announcements, and overall management, eliminating the need for separate platforms for hotel and residential needs.

Key Principle

Community Building within the Property: Beyond amenities and services, the app acted as a catalyst for community building, fostering connections, encouraging engagement, and nurturing a sense of belonging among residents.

Delightful Experiences: The commitment extended beyond convenience to crafting delightful experiences that resonated with residents on a daily basis.

Brand Consistency for Community Building: To cultivate brand loyalty, they ensured seamless integration of their brand values into the user journey, promoting a strong sense of community.

Resident-Centric Design: Every aspect of the app was meticulously designed with the resident's ease and comfort in mind.

Super App Concept: The app functioned as a unified ecosystem, connecting residents and hotels on one platform for a comprehensive range of services and activities.

Smart Engagement: Leveraging smart technology, the app continuously evolved to understand resident preferences and adapt to their unique lifestyles, ensuring ongoing engagement.

Solution Implementation

Fostering Community Engagement

At Three Sixty West, the "Community Feed" serves as a digital hub, fostering connections and keeping residents engaged. It facilitates:

Announcements and Updates:

Centralized space for important information and polls.

Engagement and Interactivity:

Residents create and share posts, organise activities and foster interaction.

Customisation and Proficiency Levels:

Future feature allows residents to specify skill levels for inclusivity.

Event Scheduling and Amenity Integration:

Seamlessly syncs with the amenity calendar to avoid conflicts and enhance scheduling.

Visitor Management and Security Enhancement

Pre-registration and QR code generation streamline guest access. Two-factor authentication ensures enhanced security.

Amenity Management

Exclusive Residents Club amenities are easily reserved with flexible house rule management. The live timeline displays available booking slots for convenient access.

Parcel Concierge

Real-time notifications and scanning optimise parcel delivery management.

Three Sixty West exemplifies luxury living in Mumbai, integrating technology to foster community and enhance resident experiences. Through features like the Community Feed, Visitor Management, Amenity Management, and Parcel Concierge, residents enjoy seamless living. Comprehensive analytics further refine services, ensuring continuous improvement. Three Sixty West epitomizes modern living, offering unparalleled comfort and connection within Mumbai's vibrant landscape.

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